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Beaten By Hippies

Beaten By Hippies

Getipt door Colin H. Van Eeckhout

“Tired of Ed Sheeran, fed up with autotune? In search of some pure and stripped down rock n roll? Here’s Beaten By Hippies, the best band Google never heard of!

Spoonfed on 90s music this Belgian foursome came of age during the first stoner wave. Honing their craft and working towards brewing their own magical potion. Each bringing their own ingredients. A cup of 60 – 70s hard rock, a pinch of 80s glam and a zest of guilty pleasures.

Come and indulge in the feast that is this ferocious and powerful live unit as they feed on the energy emanating from the crowd. Bon Appétit!”

“Machtige muziek, goeie drive. Ik kijk ernaar uit meer te horen en het eens live te zien.”

Colin H. Van Eeckhout